Press Release: National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council Applauds President Trump’s Withdrawal Of ICE Director Nominee

National ICE Council

Washington, DC – On behalf of the men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we vigorously applaud President Trump for his decision to take the agency in a different direction beginning at the top. In withdrawing his own nominee, President Trump demonstrated integrity and a personal commitment to fixing problems within our failing federal agencies rarely if ever seen in the DC swamp. When Ronald Vitiello clearly demonstrated an inability to effectively lead the agency, President Trump stepped in and made a change. That’s how its supposed to work. That’s leadership. That’s how Americans want their government to work.

We are sickened by the comments and actions of so many publicly critical of the President and his staff for withdrawing the nomination of someone who was so unfit and unqualified to hold the position of ICE Director. Never in our careers have we seen ICE operations more poorly run as they have been under Acting Director Vitiello, and with our agency’s leadership failures of the past, that’s saying a lot. Acting Director Vitiello needlessly put American lives at risk, grossly mismanaged ICE resources on the southern border and nationally during a time of crisis, and abandoned our officers and their mission. For any person, on or off the record, to suggest that Mr. Vitiello is fit to run an agency such as ICE is ludicrous and evidence of the disconnect between DC political types and the American people.

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