ICE Agents and Employees in San Diego Launch Public Protest Against Managers

Ranked dead last in employee morale among 314 federal agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an agency with deeply rooted problems; problems that agents claim the Obama Administration refuses to address.

ICE agents and employees in San Diego say that management corruption and cover-ups have to stop, and today they're putting their careers on the line, publicly protesting the actions of their own managers and demanding change.

"It's time for San Diego managers to be properly investigated and held accountable," said Felix Luciano, an ICE agent and President of AFGE Local 2805, which represents ICE employees in San Diego. "Every American, to include Congress, would be shocked to see what's happening inside our offices." Luciano first contacted newly appointed ICE Director Sarah Saldana for assistance. Saldana ignored the request.

But with eleven discrimination suits already filed against San Diego managers, and more reportedly in the works, ICE employees warn that Saldana and other leaders in the Department of Homeland Security must take immediate and aggressive action before it's too late.

"For our managers to call our African American employees 'Jigaboos' in the federal workplace, or to target certain employees with derogatory and offensive terms regarding homosexuality is an outrage," said Luciano, "ICE managers even stand accused of physically assaulting employees at work – but police are never called in. Any manager conducting themselves in this manner should be immediately escorted off federal property, but that's not happening. Instead, it's all covered up, and taxpayers continue to pay these managers to engage in these activities."

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