Click to Read Press Release- ICE Officers renew call for White House meeting after six weeks without a response

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ICE Officers renew call for White House meeting after six weeks without a response

Washington, DC - The following statement was issued today by Chris Crane, National ICE Council President:

We are concerned to see that President Obama is urging Congress to rush immigration legislation when he has still not acknowledged or replied to our letter from 6 weeks ago asking that ICE officers be allowed to meet with the White House to discuss immigration policy. We would hope that the nation’s chief executive would be willing to meet with the immigration officers who risk their lives every day to uphold the rule of law. Yet, while powerful businesses and amnesty advocates have a seat at the table, our officers who are charged with protecting the public safety are apparently not welcome – even though we understand the nation’s broken immigration system arguably better than any, by virtue of our firsthand knowledge and experience gained by working within in that system. Further, our political leadership, especially Director Morton and Secretary Napolitano, do not speak for the rank-and-file officers but have aggressively undermined our ability to perform our duties. Officers are forced to choose between fulfilling their sworn duties or losing their jobs, pensions and means of supporting their families. No immigration reform can succeed as long as federal officials can continue to unilaterally select which laws are enforced and which are not. I would therefore reiterate our request for our union, a member of AFL-CIO, to join the White House meetings.